2020 has been taking us on a wild ride, my friend. Physically, socially, financially, even spiritually... we are hurting! 🥵

Isn't it time you freed yourself from all that accumulated stress in your body, mind and soul?

Whether it's calming your mind of the incessant chatter, lowering your anxiety levels or even upgrading your health, there's a better way forward – through self-knowledge in consciousness – and we're going to take the first steps together! ARE YOU IN? 🤩


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Olivia S.

“Ian's guidance came at an especially poignant time for me. Looking to rebuild and regenerate after a difficult year, I have been immersing myself in his 7-step process and its many recommended resources.

The process has encouraged me to look back to past events, not to scrutinize them or try to change them, but rather to learn from them so I can continue to make positive and progressive steps in my own healing process.”

Hey, I’m Ian!

During these crazy times we are going through,  I am called to guide you towards a more peaceful you.

After over a decade of research, tests and tweaks, I created a 7-step process to deepen inner peace through self-knowledge, which proved to be very powerful for thousands of people.

Now, I want to guide you through it to help you free yourself of all the accumulated stress you are carrying within.

Join me for one week, watch my videos, do the exercises... and feel the amazing difference a daily practice of creating your inner peace can make.

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Namaste, my Friend! 🙏

What Inner Peace
Feels Like

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